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Fragrances to order, 100% for only one person, are unique works, as sophisticated as the personality of their master - as well as ordering your portrait or sculpture.

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How to choose your personal perfumer?

Says perfumer art critic Elina Arsenyeva


“Such a practice enters into our life, and going to your perfumer, creating your personal fragrance is as possible as going to a hairdresser and making a new hairstyle.


What to look for when ordering a fragrance?


What points should be considered when creating personal perfumes, individual fragrances? "

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Fresh citrus chords have an oxidation period of no more than 10 minutes. They always sound immediately after applying the aroma, and serve to mask the smell of alcohol. It’s hard to do without it. Alcohol helps aromatic molecules to straighten out of the tangles into which they stray in concentrate.


Alcohol allows the molecules to evenly distribute and, having warmed up on our body or clothes, come off and give joy and moments of happiness from inhaling the aroma. Therefore, eau de toilette gives us freshness and lightness, and perfumed water gives us a bright aura of aroma.


Perfumes have an intimate sound, as they are the most concentrated, and this density prevents the molecules from coming off the surface. Therefore, the use of a 100% concentrate of the composition does not make sense, since the expected effect of a super bright and dense aroma will not be. Molecules must be separated from chains.


The components of the heart notes entering behind the top notes reflect the character of the fragrance, carry the message and image that the fragrance owner reveals to the world.


The components of the base notes are the most refractory and difficult to oxidize - up to 400 hours in a non-aggressive environment. But skin for fragrance is an aggressive environment. It “fights” aroma with fat and acidity, transforming, mixing with it, giving a unique picture of the individual disclosure of aroma on your skin. Much also depends on the state of the body and mood.

The base, as a foundation, strengthens the pyramid of the aroma, giving it depth, saturation and durability. Some perfume experts recommend not focusing on the impression of bright upper notes, because we hear them only at the time of application. The notes of the heart and the base will sound on us.


It is recommended to focus on how the aroma behaves on the skin, in the aura of a person, whether it is harmonious with his energy.



The components of a fragrance behave unpredictably during mixing, reactions, and diffusion, but infusion most often benefits the fragrance. If you liked him at the final stages of creation, then having insisted, he will only become more tender, more refined and more beautiful. The ingredients will cease to be clearly recognized and flare up.


Like young wine, not burdened by a barrel, not infused, the young aroma changes, lives its own life, ripens, develops, acquiring surprisingly bright, subtle and noble shades of sound.


The components each take their place, like musicians in an orchestra or actors in a play, to enter and fulfill their role in due time and to leave the stage

How can you not miss the scent, because the customers are so different? It is important to listen to the voice of the soul. She always knows what to add, and what is not worth it, and how much. Of course, you cannot do without a well-prepared, constantly updated and expandable base of components. Sometimes after mixing and tasting a thought flashes - “maybe it didn’t work out?” An important two weeks pass and what a surprise: beauty and harmony! The components have calmed down and sound very even and gentle.

They say that if we don’t hear the recently applied scent, then it’s ours. Everyone has their own tastes, someone wants to enjoy it themselves, and someone constantly smells distracting, distracting, and the effect of natural habituation to smells often helps. The only downside is that the owner of the fragrance, sometimes, because of this, he seems weak, not persistent. Therefore, it is important to remember the natural decrease in sensitivity to certain aromas that we wear.

I would like to wish the aroma created for you to become truly yours, as happened with many of our customers. People make compliments, ask questions about aroma, they want the same for themselves. It is surprising how, at times, the aroma reflects the image of the personality of its owner. The environment confirms: “Yes, this fragrance is really yours!”

In order to order a personal author’s fragrance, you must provide the maximum possible information that you would like to reflect in the image of the fragrance or its future owner. Possible meeting for personal acquaintance.

What is the deadline for creating a custom fragrance?

The process of creating a fragrance involves insisting from 14 to 30 days.


If the customer is not ready to wait for the gradual introduction of components and a two-week infusion or there is little time left until the moment the gift is presented to a third party, you can let the aroma insist on the customer.

The order is completed on time by individual agreement, until the moment when the aroma will please the customer, in all its manifestations. We are talking about the level of durability, pleasant sound from application to the final chords of the aroma.


At the request of the customer, the use of unique expensive components is possible. This can extend the lead time, and increase its cost, as it will entail additional costs for ordering, manufacturing and shipping rare ingredients.

How much does it cost to order your personal fragrance at Alchemy Lab Edgardio Chilini?


150 000 RUB.


The approval of the fragrance ends when it satisfies the customer in all respects at all stages of disclosure.


The amount includes: the service of creating a personal fragrance project and one bottle of 100 ml with aroma in a gift box


P.S .: Some customers are allowed to sell their fragrances

Flavoring Components

Description of the components that make up Edgardio Chilini fragrances and their effects on humans.

Special offer for those
who wants something special

Perfume for a Million

Individual fragrance in a custom jewelry designer bottle


In this project, the designer-sculptor and the designer of fragrances, led by a common idea, united: to delight people with their creativity.


Ivan Venkov

Bratislava, Slovakia


Specialization: sophisticated aesthetics and luxurious design for the most demanding customers.


A creative professional with artistic experience nurtured from childhood, and 7 years of experience in freelance work and collaboration with design agencies.


Ivan Venkov spent his whole life in the studio of his father, the sculptor Emil Venkov. The experience in the studio, filled with strong sculptural aesthetics, created an unprecedented foundation for a young artist. You can learn more about Emil Venkov on his site or in Behance.


For aesthetic pleasure and acquaintance with the creative style, three conceptual designs by Ivan Venkov are presented. Bottles resemble alien artifacts from a science fiction film. More information on the work of Ivan can be found on the website

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