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Hypnose Douce

Sweet hypnosis
"Tender Night" is dedicated to Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Have you ever succumb to hypnosis? Or maybe you yourself once introduced someone to a sweet trance? You can repeat this experience, or try it for the first time, having become acquainted with the author's "hypnotic" perfume from Edgardio Chilini.

Summer French Riviera, a young bohemia of the beginning of the XIX century - the discoverers of Nice, who later made it a symbol of luxury, frolic on the evening beach, causing envy among ordinary people...

Imaginary accessibility attracts, gentle and strong, timid and fearless flock to her like moths into the world, but is it as accessible as it seems?

Bergamot, tangerine, figs with cardamom joyfully open their arms to everyone who inhales their refreshed and generous scent in passing. These top notes in Hypnose Douce leave no chance even to the most reverent natures.

But everything is not so simple when dealing with the impact on the subconscious. It is worth the aroma to seize your attention, as soon as you find yourself in the "heart" captivity violets and chamomile. Oh, what an innocence! .. However, soon they will be replaced by bright-sounding flowers - lily, jasmine and rose, literally buried in honey sweets! And now you are no longer able to realize that you have been in the tenderest trance for a long time. Muscles relax by themselves, the mind draws charming pictures, like playful fingers make you an erotic massage... so powerfully and indisputably immersed in the oblivion the notes of the heart of these win-win spirits.

Oak moss fascinates, and musk makes you want to enjoy again and again when you inhale the aromatic base of this perfume composition, which literally makes your head spinning, enveloping you with a sensual veil...

Putting these perfumes on your skin, you become the heroine of Monet's picture standing in the twilight on the openwork bridge over a pond with water lilies and water lilies...

People want to be hypnotized, dream about it, crave to be conquered and want to conquer themselves - let alone surrender to this wonderful trance or influence others, stay in nirvana or bewitch others - it is up to you, and maestro Edgardio Chini gives this unique opportunity. Seduction ... or will they seduce you? We will find out in the morning, when a bold wind will stir up the scent of "Sweet Hypnosis" in your hair!

VEZHGA - perfume expert; Anastasia Barosso - writer, image maker

Top notes:

bergamot, mandarin, ginger, cardamom

Heart notes:

honey, chamomile, violet leaf, lily, jasmine, rose

Base notes:

vanilla, musk, oak moss

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