Wonderland Set

A set of fragrances Wonderland Set Edgardio Chilini consists of 6 travel-bottles of 10 ml. It is dedicated to the film Alice in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland). This is a fantasy adventure film of 2010, shot by Tim Burton under the script of Linda Woolverton.

Flavors from the vials of the kit can be used alone or arranged, applying one on another in any combination. They complement the characteristics of each character.

Combining aromas with each other, you get the opportunity to create an infinite number of different perfume images for each day in accordance with your mood.

For those who prefer certain fragrances of the collection, it is possible to complete the set to your liking.

Niche fragrance Alice Edgardio Chilini


The image of Alice is revealed by the fantasy chords of a basket of tropical fruits.

Niche fragrance Cheshire Cat Wonderland Set Edgardio Chilini

Cheshire Cat

The image of the Cheshire cat is represented in the collection with a delicate chord of musky shades

Niche fragrance Mad Hatter Wonderland Set Edgardio Chilini

Mad Hatter

The image of the Mad Hatter is represented in the chord collection adapted to the world tendencies of a satisfactory direction.It is a modern, soft, warm, sweet fragrance sound.

Niche fragrance Red Queen Wonderland Set Edgardio Chilini

Red Queen


The image of the Red Queen is presented in the collection with a chord rose.

Niche fragrance White Queen Wonderland Set Edgardio Chilini

White Queen

The image of the White Queen is presented in the collection a chord of tender, fruity, floral osmanthus.

Niche fragrance White Rabbit Wonderland Set Edgardio Chilini

White Rabbit

The image of the White Rabbit is presented in the collectionchord Iso E Super, which is also unexpectedappears and disappears, leaving intrigue and capturing behind itself.


(c) Film Company: Walt Disney Pictures, Roth Films, Zanuck Company, Team Todd

Images inspired to create flavor: posters of heroes stylized in vintage style

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